Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey people!

Can you spare some time? Just a couple moments to say a prayer?
I'm heading back into prison tonight to lead the women in a bible study on the early church. I'm in over my head, but I just love being there anyway. I cannot stop coughing loudly and that pretty much messes up my speaking ability.
Will you prayer for this group of 30 women tonight? Some know the Lord and some are just getting introduced.

The women there pretty much KNOW they need Jesus. Rather refreshing.

Worshipping with this group is an experience you can only get with a group of ladies who are broken sinners and prisoners. Singing "Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone" and "I Will Wait Upon the Lord" take on new dimensions behind bars.They have lost everything and cling to Jesus.

Did I mention I love being there?

If you are looking for Jesus, by the way, you might try prison sometime.
Thank you for praying.
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