Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grass is Greener

My sweat pants are soaked from the ankle hem (which is underneath my soaking wet sock) up to my knees. I went for a wog this morning on my trail loop and it is kinda misty outside.Oregon can do a mighty fine mist, dontcha know.

The ground is pretty wet, which means all the flora and fauna that I run through are wet, which means I get soaked.

I didn't even feel like running today.

I did, but only half heartedly and halfway.

My heart's not in it today.

Don't know why, but I'm feeling a little discontent with my lot in life, which is unusual for me.

Please understand that I love my life up here on the mountain, my husband and family, my job, the animals and everything.

Maybe its because the kids all moved out and took all their noise and their mess and their love and their laughter with them.

Maybe it's because everyone is traveling and vacationing and going on summer missions trips all over the world.

Even Reader Brenda is is Montana at a family wedding.

Why does Montana suddenly sound so exotic and chic?

So many friends are leaving and returning from Slovenia, Greece, Malta/Rome and other locales that I can only dream about. (Holla, Jill! Holla, Hailey!)

Daughter Amy is heading to Georgia next week to meet her BFF's family. (That is Boy-Friend-Forever. We will not allow our baby girl to get married. Ever)

Josiah is heading back to Afghanistan, Mike (Amy's BFF) is still there.

My friend, Randy Alcorn, is in Atlanta at the Christian Retailer's Show (ICRS) and as a blogger friend of mine, Linda, from "Mocha with Linda" was also going to be there, I told her to go say hey to him.

I get the feeling that maybe she thought I didn't really know him, as I read between the lines in her funny post this morning. Pretty amusing. The picture of Linda and Randy waving hello from Atlanta is great. It would be greater if I wasn't feeling all envious and upset that EVERYONE IS GOING SOMEWHERE AND DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Except me.

How whiny am I today?

Don't really answer that because we both know the answer.

Everybody elses lives can look better than mine at times. Their grass is greener.

But if I know that I am being where he wants me to be, and doing (pretty much) what he wants me to do, then it is all GOOD. I am thankful for the place he has put me, and for the work he gives me.

I am.

I am, I tell you.

Or I will be, after I spend a little time being thankful for everything he has given me, Starting with green pastures.

Have a good Tuesday.

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