Monday, July 11, 2011

The rhythm of Monday

Howdy good neighbors and welcome to Monday.

Generally speaking, I like Mondays. They have their own special feel and set the tone for the week. They have their own special chore list.

Do you do that?

After a weekend with both a memorial service and a wedding I am so ready for this routine Monday. I'm a morning person, so I jump out of bed ready to go.

I went for a run. No, I didn't. My knee still hurts from yesterday, so I'm waiting until this afternoon or even tomorrow morning. I'm scared of injuries that will stop me from running for a week or more So I'm being cautious.

I went out and fed the horses, Drifter and Cabela, and the goats, Ranger and Ruby.

I ate my oatmeal. No, I actually had raisin bran. What? Yes, raisin bran. Sometimes, I like to live on the edge like that. If I really want to shake things up, I have eggs or cake batter.

I sat outside to spend a few moments with coffee and my Kindle. I'm reading Half-Broke Horses right now and love it. What a fun story! But this morning, I started my new Lysa TerKeurst book, Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl. Just finished her "Made to Crave" but that, my sisters, is a whole other blog post.

Time to clean the house, so I move around like a tornado with ADD. Dusting, sweeping, picking up whatevers and returning them to wherever. While I do this, I listen to Dan Franklin on Groupthink Rescue. He talking about Joseph this morning. I love his podcasts. (I haven't finished listening yet because I stopped everything I was doing in order to bring you this absolutely riveting post. You're welcome.)

I also change the sheets every Monday. Don't know how that started, but that's what I do. Yes, you get a picture of my undressed bed waiting for clean sheets. Can this Monday get any better??

Sometimes, like today, I get moving too fast. I'm in such a rhythm that I'm not really thinking about what I'm doing. It's all routine.

Until I go to clean the filter out of the coffee pot, spin around to dump it in the garbage and this happens.

I forgot to replace the garbage can after I swept behind it. Nice.

Well, now that I've completely bored you as well as myself, I'll end this sad,little Monday past.

Do you get in a Monday rhythm? What does your Monday look like?

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