Monday, July 25, 2011

Sometimes, I want God to PhotoShop me

Actually, He is welcome to use Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3. I downloaded a free trial copy today. And it is SWEET! (said is highest falsetto possible.)

The special effects and ease of use were what excited me most. I started with a picture of Lucy and made her sepia to a rainbow kaleidoscope.

Then I put up a pic of Rod and me at the beach last year and kind of grimaced when I saw my quadruple face rolls. no doubt caused by all the beer batter halibut and chips at the Pelican Pub in Pacific City. I'm seriously considering a lawsuit.

Anyway, the Corel program has a nifty little tool called "makeover."

Are you still breathing?

There are a variety of buttons to play with including:


*Blemish removal



wait for it...


I'm not going to tell you if I used it or not, but I'll post the picture at the end of this blog.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how God kind of does photo shop me sometimes. Not physically (although I'd appreciate you considering it, Lord) .

But he works on my heart like that.

All day long. All the time. All year long. He shapes me and molds me and chisels me into a closer image of his son.

And I am telling you this: it is taking some mighty work by the hand of God.


Sometimes I don't recognize my faults as faults so I wonder why in the world God is working on THAT.

I'm surely NOT being gossipy.

I'm helping someone understand a certain situation better.

Bless my heart.

Sometimes, if I downplay my faults, they become no big deal and I find I can live with them more easily.

If I justify my sins, I play into satan's hands, follow his playbook, and turn away from God.

The Holy Spirit is the voice that says, "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."

Satan (who sounds eerily like me at my most nasally and sarcastic self) will say, "Seriously? You didn't even say anything wrong. You may have even helped the situation. You'll probably cause more harm than good by bringing it up now."


I don't even want to hear that voice, do you?

Bring on that photo shop pro program, Lord. And go ahead and use that blemish removal tool. Because I guess I have a few that I need work on.

Here is the photo I have from last year that may, or may not, have been worked on. Also, you may have to question the validity of every photo you see of me from now on.

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