Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Might I suggest...?

Could we not all agree to bring 80's hair back?
Remember how high you could rat those bangs? Me, too.
Here is the thing;
I can totally do my 'do in a Miss America  circa. 1986-ish way. It will wave and fluff all around my head, I can feather like nobodies' business AND I can make it all stay put with a virtual helmet of AquaNet Redken Forceful 23.

I just can't seem to master the hair of this century, which is a problem as I live here.

Seeing me in all my 80's glory makes me  consider doing something different when I next get my hair did.

Maybe something that will help me fit in for with my environment....like this?
There is no doubt Rod would really love the whole camo theme.
Pretty, right? But would you even see me, or would I be invisible? Hmmm. There are real pro's and con's to this one.

Maybe I should go more cutting edge, more wild. More like this....
Can you imagine the fear I would inspire in all the wild creatures in my woods? Can you imagine the fear I would inspire in my dogs, not to mention my husband?
But,be honest; wouldn't you like to show up to greet people at church with this? "Welcome....Welcome...Glad you could make it...Grrrr...Welcome...Good to see you..."
If I had this hair, would totally be compelled to throw in a low growl every now and then, just to really make them jump. Good times.
A girl can dream.
But I will probably just do what I usually do with my hair and end up throwing it in a pony like Cooper does when his hair becomes too unmanageable.
He really rocks in a top knot.
Have a great Tuesday!
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