Monday, January 7, 2013

Three-peat or Phoning it in.

 I have posted this before.I am phoning in this post that I believe I have posted twice before.
 But on this dark and rainly Monday morning, when Rod is leaving for the job because our employee (son Josiah) has the flu, I need a smile. This video does it. I even watched a couple times  because I enjoy it so much.
FYI to the Spelling Nazis: I know that "rainly" was a typo, but I enjoyed it too much to correct it. Thank you.

Cats are on my mind this Monday morning.
That can't be a good thing.
I consider myself to be a dog person.
I consider there to be something wrong, deeply wrong, with cat people.
Dogs will be in Heaven.
Cats belong in the seventh circle of hell.
That said, I could really use a cat right now. Because there are mice in my house. My dogs don't even notice. But I can hear their tiny mice feet scurrying around at night. Unless Mr.Squirrel is visiting or Mrs. Raccoon and her Baby Daddy are moving back in
Someone sent me this video this morning and even though I have seen it before, it is SO worth watching again. A few times.
It made me smile and I think I even COL.(chuckled out loud)

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