Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Speaking up for the 7111

 I wrote this last January, and I still feel the same. Lord Jesus, come quickly!

Six or seven inches of snow fell up here the last couple weeks.  It is silent and pristine. After I cleaned out the stalls and fed the horses, I walked a little bit with the dogs and now I am making a pumpkin curry soup for dinner. (Mmmm-mmm. I know.)

But I feel a burden I can't shake and it is weighing me down just like those Douglas firs outside with their snow loads.

I am haunted by dead and dying babies.
Doesn't that sound awful?

I don't blame you for being totally offended and clicking off this blog right now while thinking happy thoughts of snowfall and football, birthdays and Modern Family.

 Or even mundane thoughts of your upcoming work-week, what you are going to wear tomorrow, your grocery list or what you are making for dinner.
That's what I want to do.

All of that is better than thinking about dead or dying babies.

Or is it?

Maybe you, like me, have turned away too often from the images of what we KNOW is happening every day not too far away from where you and your family live.

Not too far away from where you go to school or work.

 Just a few miles from where you buy your groceries.

Probably fairly close to the movie theater where you enjoy your entertainment, or the restaurant where you eat dinner.

I'm sure it is pretty close to the church where you go to worship God on the weekends.

 This child killing is taking place right in our neighborhoods and the thought of that today is wrecking me. Babies are dying.

Women in our vicinity are making appointments to abort their children this week.

One by one by one. They are lining up to abort their children.

One by one by one. Their children are dying. Are you getting this? Are you feeling the weight of this?
 We need to stop saying that there is nothing we can do and turning away.

In my metro area, there are approximately 7111 babies aborted every year. That is about 136 babies each week.
I looked up Lovejoy (a abortion facility near us) online and they have such a nice and welcoming website that it hurt to look at it. By the way, they call it "ending a pregnancy" as if a child were not even involved. They also offer counseling after an abortion. (I wonder if I could still go?)
 Click on their website and see the P.C. and sanitized version of what goes on there. Does it strike your heart like it does mine?

 I encourage you to go see what is happening in your neighborhood and your city.

In his video 180, Ray Comfort shows a video of people that lived in the neighborhoods surrounding the concentration camps where the murder of millions of Jews took place. After the war was over, these people were taken in to visit the camp so they could see what had happened there.

They had seen for themselves themselves the billowing black smoke rising from the camp day after day. But they had turned away, dismissed the signs, ignored what they saw. Until the devastating day they went to visit. Click on the 180 link to watch this video yourself. So striking.
The most moving image in the archives is a recently discovered picture of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz.
The smoke on the left-hand side of the picture is being produced by the mass burning of bodies in funeral pits.

We have to look at this.

We have to look at what is happening.
We have to talk about this.
When we are quiet, babies die.
When we do nothing and look away, women are condemned to a life of hiding their shame and grief, covering it up with a barrage of attitudes, habits and behaviors, none of which are healthy. I know about this. See my testimony here and here at EPM's site.

So, please.
Please talk about this.
Blog about it. Make it your Facebook status and Tweet it.

 Offer both grace and truth and don't be more concerned about offending people than about saving people.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, to defend the rights of the poor and needy." Proverbs 31:8-9