Monday, May 27, 2013

Puppy Picking Weekend

It was "All Puppies, All the Time" kind of weekend meeting all the puppy owners. I took lots of pictures, starting with George, who came out on Friday to meet his puppy, Earl.

Then, John and his daughter Jessie came out and picked their puppy. Or, I should say, their puppy picked them. They actually picked another one, but the puppy they ended up picking threw a fit, letting them know beyond a shadow of a doubt that HE was supposed to be their puppy.

I would show you photographs I took  so skillfully, but my camera battery was dead. So I will show you pictures of their puppy, who has no name quite yet. Actually, he probably has three or four. His family needs to narrow down the list. :-) Maybe we should take a poll for his name. What a perfect idea! I'm sure his new family will be thrilled when they have a  new puppy named "Kevin" or  worse yet, "Kitty."  Here he is:

These kind are looking like mugshots.

And one from the side, please. All we're missing is him holding his number a prison tat. I'll work on that.

Next, we used technology(Skype)  for it's highest purpose,  introducing Buster to his family,Tim and Patrice. Again, no pictures from Skype, but here are some Buster pictures. He is going to be a very happy Bullmastiff puppy, as he will be going to the warm weather of California and going to work with Tim every day when he gets bigger.
Here is Buster:
More mugshots, clearly. I'll work on making them smile, or something.

Buster with his partner in crime "Fawn Male."

Buster being mugged by his brother.
It looks like he has a small white spot on his chin, but this only seems to show up in pictures.
Then we had Matt and Holly and their daughter show up to meet their new puppy. We had to wake all the sleepy puppies up as they were in the middle of a food coma. :-)
One puppy lurched over to Holly and began kissing her and sucking on her fingers. When I turned and looked because of all the loud slurpy noises he was making, I told them that it was, in fact, their puppy. Yep. Winston had found his family.
Here are the first family photos:

Did Holly continue rocking Winston even when she wasn't holding him? Yes. Yes, she did. :-)

Such a sad and miserable girl, meeting her puppy for the first time. NOT.

So sad. I really doesn't look like anyone in this family is going to love poor little Winston. I'm sure he'll grow on you. (get it? Bahahaha! I crack myself up!)

Here are a couple picture of April for owner, John G.. Hopefully, you'll get a chance to meet her soon!
Darling profile!

Still sleepy.

And a couple of the fawn male puppy for Brittany. He really stands out!
Yes, I know I already have this one up above. But, honestly...are two of these too many? I think not.

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