Friday, May 31, 2013

Puppy Prison Blues

Dear Diary,
I guess we jumped over the wall one too many times.
Today, the People put us in a new prison.
 So far, it seems inescapable. We are taking note of this different area of the House and are enjoying the sights, for the most part.
We are spending a large part of the morning crying and whining at the bars, hoping someone will listen and set us free. No luck so far.
Buster is very frustrated as he is the most experienced at wall jumping. Winston is in a rambuctious mood, growling and starting most of the fights. But nothing serious, and he always seems apologetic afterwards.

April  and Bruce are stoic, taking everything in stride as always, while Henry and Big Earl are looking for more food.
As always.

Mama came to visit, but couldn't spring us. Bail must be set too high.

 Today we'll try to keep level heads (which is difficult for puppies) and keep the fighting to a minimum.
We'll work on plans tonight.
More later.

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