Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sleepy pups

Lucy's puppies are doing so great, and Lucy is an attentive, sweet Mama. My bedroom, where Lucy and the babies are lodged for the time being, feels like an incubator. A stinky incubator.
I have slept in there with them a few nights, simply because bullmastiffs have been known to lay down on their pups and hurt them. I have pulled a puppy out from underneath her 3 times so far. I think she just wants to be really, super close to them, and as we all know from the song, Love Hurts.
Here are a couple pictures from this morning.

(Puppy owners: feel free to call me whenever, I am available to talk about your pups now. If you have said you wanted a puppy, but have not sent in a deposit, you can do that now. I believe there is a male pup still unspoken for, so let me know aso soon as you can if you are interested. )

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