Saturday, March 10, 2007

And they call it.....Puppy Looo-ooove

We've been having lots 'O' calls and visiters for our precious pups. Last night Courtney and Jay came over to try to decide if they should get one. Their home and lifestyle sound perfect for one of the Bullies. (heck, Rod and I want to move in with them too!)

After they met Lila and Chopper, and Lila used Jay as a giant recliner, it was time to bring out the puppies. Courtney and Jay had decided ahead of time that a female would fit best in their family, so we paraded out the girls.

What fun as they all met each other! (btw, cleaning up potty messes is SO much easier when four are helping do it instead of just me. WooHoo!)

They finally decided on Mercedes, a sweet little girl who has lots of black on her making her look so exotic.

Congratulations Courtney and Jay! We'll take good care of her until you get her in April, we promise. And I won't let Rod keep her, so don't worry. :-)
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