Monday, March 19, 2007

Got Milk?

Have you ever seen such an uncomfortable look on a dog's face?
On the bright side, Chopper is finally getting to know the kids and taking an active role in their upbringing.
Nursing them may not be his gifting, but you have to give the guy props for trying. He's probably thinking, "If Lila can do it, I can do it better. How hard can it be?"
Notice in the last picture, he is even raising his back leg a little. How helpful can he be? Too bad little Beemer got no milk for all his efforts.
Chopper has just improved leaps and bounds in the puppy department. Remember from the first day the puppies were born (referred to by Chopper as "Black Friday") he has kept away from any room they were in. If we walked by him holding one or two, he would studiously avoid looking at us. He basically tried hard to pretend the puppies didn't exist.
Soon maybe he can even stay home alone with the little beasties so Lila can get out for a while. If only he could learn to produce milk.

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