Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let sleeping dogs lie....please!

Oh, cute doesn't begin to describe the actual cuteness of these puppies. Just as messy doesn't begin to describe the vast messiness that just goes on and on. But who needs to talk about that when we can gush about the sweet furriness and puppy breath?

When a tired puppy crawls into your lap with the last of his strength after having mauled three or four of his siblings, all messiness is forgotten or at least forgiven.

The puppies turned four weeks on Friday, and we still have four left, one fawn female, two red-fawn males and one fawn male.

The pups are moving into the barn during the day time (it is like day camp for puppies) where they have room to stretch out and play, unlike the laundry room.

I am praying for warmer weather so we don't have to use the heat lamps which scare me.

Enjoy the pictures, and feel free to visit. But bring newpaper when you come. We keep running out. Thanks. :-)
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