Friday, March 9, 2007

Food Fight!!

So the puppies have started eating food besides milk from their mother. I know, I know, it sounds so cute. And it first.

Then one or two of them will try to get closer to the pan of warm, mushy puppy food until, suddenly, they are standing in the food. And still eating.

Sometimes, a puppy will fall face first into the mush and then after he climbs out, a helpful brother or sister will lick him off. (They just think it is easier getting lunch off their sibling than trying to fight the crowds at the puppy pan.)

After a few minutes of pretending they are polite and know their manners, it is an absolute free for all.

You can hear slurping, sucking, growling, barking as puppies slip and slide around. And apparently Lila never taught them to leave the table before having certain bodily functions, so that is added to the mix.

Sometimes I have to leave the room just for a minute or two.

When I came back, the pups are full, rolling about, or asleep in the pan. There are bits of food and mush and poo every where.

So I clean everything out for the 32nd time that day and carefully wipe each puppy down until they smell like puppies again.

Finally I can take a shower and get the crusties out of my hair. But I better hurry. The puppies are going to wake up and be hungry again. Thank goodness Lila still feeds them too!

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