Monday, March 12, 2007

What is small, furry,is growing teeth&has five letters?

You can't believe how fast the little rascals can run.
It seems like just yesterday when they couldn't see or hear and could barely crawl.
Now they live to escape. It is like an episode of "Prison Break" every time I go in there with them.
Last night, I went in to let Lila feed them and they began swarming over the wall like it was a planned attack. As it was about 4AM, it took me a moment to begin sweeping them back over the wall, but not before a few of them had almost made it to the door.
Where do they think they are going? Thriftway? PetSmart?
The changes are coming so quickly that I can barely keep up. Neither can Lila.
Let's be honest. She doesn't want to spend much time with them anymore. And who can blame her? They literally attack her her like an ancient plague. They are lucky, in my opinion, to have an instinct driven mother, rather than one like myself, who might decide to run away or in front of a car, just to make the insanity end.
But she is a patient girl, my Delilah.
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