Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy National Puppy Day!

Nothing much to add today. (Notice I didn't even change the color or font to try to make this more interesting. Just one of those days, I guess.)

We are making sure the puppies get plenty of outside time every day, even though I can't keep Frank and Val (the ducks) away. Oh well, they all play nice together.

I think we'll be keeping them inside the laundry room just one more night. The barn is just so much bigger and easier to clean, as you can imagine.

Night night!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Got Milk?

Have you ever seen such an uncomfortable look on a dog's face?
On the bright side, Chopper is finally getting to know the kids and taking an active role in their upbringing.
Nursing them may not be his gifting, but you have to give the guy props for trying. He's probably thinking, "If Lila can do it, I can do it better. How hard can it be?"
Notice in the last picture, he is even raising his back leg a little. How helpful can he be? Too bad little Beemer got no milk for all his efforts.
Chopper has just improved leaps and bounds in the puppy department. Remember from the first day the puppies were born (referred to by Chopper as "Black Friday") he has kept away from any room they were in. If we walked by him holding one or two, he would studiously avoid looking at us. He basically tried hard to pretend the puppies didn't exist.
Soon maybe he can even stay home alone with the little beasties so Lila can get out for a while. If only he could learn to produce milk.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


The weather has been splendid, allowing the puppies to play out in the yard everyday. As I watch them tumbling about I remember why we got into this in the first place. These puppies are FUN! Have you ever seen anything cuter? Me neither.
Oh, did you notice that there are ducks in a couple of the pictures? A few inquisitive puppies did as well and went closer to investigate.
Frank and Val (the ducks) were there eating leftover puppy food and the puppies decided to play with the visitors. Porsche got rolled over for her trouble and the rest of the welcoming committee scattered. But not too far.
Thank you, God for the pleasant weather so we can all get outside. I am tired of hibernating and feeling like a bear in a cave.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let sleeping dogs lie....please!

Oh, cute doesn't begin to describe the actual cuteness of these puppies. Just as messy doesn't begin to describe the vast messiness that just goes on and on. But who needs to talk about that when we can gush about the sweet furriness and puppy breath?

When a tired puppy crawls into your lap with the last of his strength after having mauled three or four of his siblings, all messiness is forgotten or at least forgiven.

The puppies turned four weeks on Friday, and we still have four left, one fawn female, two red-fawn males and one fawn male.

The pups are moving into the barn during the day time (it is like day camp for puppies) where they have room to stretch out and play, unlike the laundry room.

I am praying for warmer weather so we don't have to use the heat lamps which scare me.

Enjoy the pictures, and feel free to visit. But bring newpaper when you come. We keep running out. Thanks. :-)

Monday, March 12, 2007

What is small, furry,is growing teeth&has five letters?

You can't believe how fast the little rascals can run.
It seems like just yesterday when they couldn't see or hear and could barely crawl.
Now they live to escape. It is like an episode of "Prison Break" every time I go in there with them.
Last night, I went in to let Lila feed them and they began swarming over the wall like it was a planned attack. As it was about 4AM, it took me a moment to begin sweeping them back over the wall, but not before a few of them had almost made it to the door.
Where do they think they are going? Thriftway? PetSmart?
The changes are coming so quickly that I can barely keep up. Neither can Lila.
Let's be honest. She doesn't want to spend much time with them anymore. And who can blame her? They literally attack her her like an ancient plague. They are lucky, in my opinion, to have an instinct driven mother, rather than one like myself, who might decide to run away or in front of a car, just to make the insanity end.
But she is a patient girl, my Delilah.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

And they call it.....Puppy Looo-ooove

We've been having lots 'O' calls and visiters for our precious pups. Last night Courtney and Jay came over to try to decide if they should get one. Their home and lifestyle sound perfect for one of the Bullies. (heck, Rod and I want to move in with them too!)

After they met Lila and Chopper, and Lila used Jay as a giant recliner, it was time to bring out the puppies. Courtney and Jay had decided ahead of time that a female would fit best in their family, so we paraded out the girls.

What fun as they all met each other! (btw, cleaning up potty messes is SO much easier when four are helping do it instead of just me. WooHoo!)

They finally decided on Mercedes, a sweet little girl who has lots of black on her making her look so exotic.

Congratulations Courtney and Jay! We'll take good care of her until you get her in April, we promise. And I won't let Rod keep her, so don't worry. :-)

Friday, March 9, 2007

Food Fight!!

So the puppies have started eating food besides milk from their mother. I know, I know, it sounds so cute. And it first.

Then one or two of them will try to get closer to the pan of warm, mushy puppy food until, suddenly, they are standing in the food. And still eating.

Sometimes, a puppy will fall face first into the mush and then after he climbs out, a helpful brother or sister will lick him off. (They just think it is easier getting lunch off their sibling than trying to fight the crowds at the puppy pan.)

After a few minutes of pretending they are polite and know their manners, it is an absolute free for all.

You can hear slurping, sucking, growling, barking as puppies slip and slide around. And apparently Lila never taught them to leave the table before having certain bodily functions, so that is added to the mix.

Sometimes I have to leave the room just for a minute or two.

When I came back, the pups are full, rolling about, or asleep in the pan. There are bits of food and mush and poo every where.

So I clean everything out for the 32nd time that day and carefully wipe each puppy down until they smell like puppies again.

Finally I can take a shower and get the crusties out of my hair. But I better hurry. The puppies are going to wake up and be hungry again. Thank goodness Lila still feeds them too!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Just a quick post to update you all on the

the pups. They started playing with each other yesterday. When I came in the laundry room,(yes they are out of my bedroom!), I heard faint growling and a few yips. As I watched, a little girl, Chevy, tried to bite one of her brother's ears. But she fell over before she did any harm. Too cute. (no teeth yet, of course)

The pups can all see, but still can't hear. They should be able to by the end of this week. Then I'll have to start being quiet. Great.

We are feeding them by bottle quite a bit as nine lively puppies is too much for Lila and she just lays there as they wrestle on top of her rooting around for an empty nipple (oh, there aren't any) giving me a very resigned look. I think mothers everywhere would recognize it and sympathize.
The first owners have come out and claimed their pups already. Rod was NOT ready for that, and I hope he'll do better this weekend as more people come out. :-)

Chopper still is wary of his puppies, but at least will now be in the same room with them, so that is quite an accomplishment. Hurray for Chopper!!

Tambry, Rod's sister is visiting from Africa and got up close and personal with Mercedes. Tam left with a hickey on her chin. We had a good laugh over that!

Hope to see you again sooooon, Tam!!! Love you!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things

PuppyWorld has become even cuter, as impossible as that might seem, with the addition of Macie, our grand niece who came to visit last night. As we watched Macie cuddle and kiss the puppies we considered bringing in some of the outdoor farm animals , but realised that with babies, puppies, ducks, bunnies and ponies our cuteness quotient would implode and we would all wake up in Disney Land with small, animated figures dancing about and singing "It's a small world after all...."

Rod and I quickly fed Luke and Hollie some soup or something for dinner so we could follow Macie around and hug her, play with her and take thousands of pictures. I am not even exaggerating a little bit.

Lila and Chopper thought Macie was there to see them and took offense when Luke tried to play with his daughter by wrestling with her and growling. Oops! Both dogs were there in a nano second to make sure everything was okay.
FYI: Macie called me Gramma Judy(yes, she has an actual Gramma Judy. I Am just a poor substitute.....with puppies and cookies.) and Rod Uncle Grampa. We would keep her if we could think of any legal way of doing it. Just be aware, Luke and Hollie. We're watching.


Ford is still struggling and weak, but is eating. We still have to feed him with an eyedropper because he is too weak to feed really well off of his Mom or a bottle, but is at least wanting food. He is still on antibiotics. Hopefully, he'll be improving as the days go by. Vet called last night and just told us to keep it up.