Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Mano

Last week's testimonies have stayed with me. Stories of God meeting you, saving you, growing you, forgiving you and loving you have staying power. No doubt we all know and appreciate each other more than we did before, and we also know our God a little better ,too. That was a tremendous thing you did, ladies. Thank you so much for participating.

Today has been a rainy, yucky day that makes you think of those two kids staring sadly out their window in the Dr. Suess book ,"The Cat in the Hat."

But Rod is home from work today, and although he might be bored, or wish he was doing something else, he makes me happy being here.

We just took a walk with the dogs in the drippy rain and Rod sings me songs like my iPod Nano. He is my Mano. Except I can't turn him off or switch the song. I know this because I tried. A few times.

I don't recognize the song half the time because he has the words all wrong. So, in the spirit of the drizzly day, I join in singing with my mano. Except we are not singing the same words. Oh, and neither of us can really sing. I personally believe this is why we don't have a large raccoon population near our house. Our singing.

Sometimes, we'll sing songs but insert our dog's names where we feel they fit. The dogs seem to really enjoy this and I can laugh until I throw up. It's a gift I have. Especially when I start to laugh at something that Rod sang, and then he starts to mock my laughing and soon I am falling down, throwing up, tears streaming, no sound at all, in fact barely breathing laughing.

So, just wanted to say, I love my mano. He walks around the loop on a rainy yucky day, sings silly songs and makes me laugh until I hurt.

Glad you're mine.
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