Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trouble in the Wilderness

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It's actually my backyard, but to alot of people, it is the wilderness. I will show you pictures of what me and the dogs saw on our trip into the wild.
You will be awed and amazed. If you stay awake.
These are the deer that come and look into our back windows at night,peering in at the t.v. screen. I am convinced they will stop doing that when the American Idol season is over.

Chopper and Lila love to walk around our loop with me even if it is muddy. Who am I kidding? Especially if it is muddy.

The next part of the trail is actually covered with water which makes muddy shoes for me, and muddy everything for the dogs.

I have been walking fairly consistently so I felt pretty good as I was cruising around my loop. I was walking quickly, arms pumping, singing Pink's "Trouble" with my ipod.
"And my fingers are bejeweled
With diamonds and gold
but that ain't gonna help me now
(chorus - sing it with me...)
I'm trouble-yeah
trouble now
I'm trouble y'all,
I disturb my own town
I'm trouble y'all,
I got trouble in my town"

I was feeling remarkably spunky.

I can't imagine what I sounded like, as I honestly can't carry a tune.
In fact, if hunters such as Rod had been with me, they would have been very thankful. I have no doubt that the sound of me warbling out those lyrics in my flat monotone would have stunned any forest creatures into immobility.
A priceless gift is what I have.

I was feeling so frisky, that I thought to myself, " I think maybe I could even run."
And by run, I actually mean a slow jog that no human being under the age of 87 would ever mistake for a run.
So, in a burst of enthusiasm, I began running.( Again, I use the term "running" loosely)

My dog Lila, rushed up to me and began leaping and barking and knocking into me. She had never seen me run before(come to think of it, no one has) and obviously thought this was great fun!

It was, until she began trying to body slam me with a joyful grin on her doggy face.


I looked around for Chopper and finally located him peering fearfully from around a fir tree. He was terrified. "Why is she running? Is there a fire? Is the sky falling?"

Poor Chopper! But, I was able to call him out of the forest and back onto the trail using only my superior leadership skillz. He responded immediately to the calm focus of my voice, forgetting his overwhelming fears. (see picture below)

It is like I am the bullmastiff whisperer. I should write a book....

when I'm done walking. Maybe someday I'll be able to run with abandon and joy like Chopper here. Hopefully that mud puddle will dry up, too. :-)

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