Friday, May 30, 2008

Rod and Chopper were offended

So I needed to post again today. Apparently, they were not amused by my description of Chopper's Olympic gold medalist gymnastics routine yesterday. I am now fondly remembering the days when Rod didn't read my blog. Remember? I do.

When Rod read the post and said, "I really can't believe you wrote about that. In public."

I responded, "I had nothing to write about. Nothing to say. Nothing to share."

At his shaming glare, I thought I should come up with something quick.

What better thing to do than throw the family under the bus. Hypothetically. Of course.

I now present to you, without further blathering, "The Houseboat Weekend. On Memorial Day.With Pictures. Lots of Fun." (Has anyone noticed that I'm not so good with titles?)

This is the houseboat. It partially belongs to Rod's brother, Craig.

This is the hot tub on the upper deck of the houseboat. Yes, I said HOT TUB. Cool, huh? No, that is not my Aussie shampoo. I would not wash my hair in the hot tub. The hot tub is for relaxing in and looking out at all the other docked houseboats. None of us could afford the gas it costs to take the houseboat away from the dock more than a few feet. We voted on it and no one really wanted to get a second mortgage so we could motor across the reservoir.

Rod, Craig and brother Doug returning from a long trip of fruitless Kokanee fishing. (I am the REAL Kokanee killer in the family, and I refuse to share my fishing secrets. Or my lures. Or my leader length. Bah ha ha!!
Sister Tambry Lyn arriving on the houseboat. Good to have her and her hubby Dan aboard. Even if they can't catch Kokanee. We accept and love them anyway.
This is sis-in-law Patricia. In the kitchen. Wishing she could cook up some of the Kokanee her husband Doug caught. Oh, that's right. He didn't. So sad. (And yes, that is a flat screen tv and a fireplace over in the corner. On a boat. And you're right again, those are my Pringles on the table.)

Here is a pot of crawfish we caught right before we left. So we let them go. Besides, we were probably out of butter and lemon. Dang it.

So, even though I take awful vacation pictures, we did have a relaxing and fun time with the fam. We saw a wild herd of horses with two foals trotting nimbly along the canyon walls. We saw a bald eagle catch a fish right near our boat and then fly away with it in his claws. Awesome sight. And we saw the Kokanee Queen back on her throne and catching fish. Good times.

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