Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fuzzy Wabbits

I love enjoying God's creation. I am amazed, awestruck and humbled when I see the creatures He has produced. Because I am the anti-craft, can't make anything except maybe glue macaroni on cardboard kinda girl, I really appreciate God's craftiness and supernatural ability with a glue gun, feathers and glitter.

I also don't mind telling you that sometimes I view His creatures and I am scared. Or grossed out. Like Gayle's blog here.

Sometimes I am intrigued. Like these Craigslist bunnies I found yesterday. Who knew?

Enjoy and marvel at His mighty works with me.
And if you get to Heaven before me, maybe ask

Ad # 1:
"I have two boys looking for great homes. Both are about 6 months old. Both are pedigreed. They will make great show/pet bunnys. English lops are large bunnys raging in size from 9-14 pounds. They have enormous ears that look like they would trip over them. Very sweet personalities that are more dog like than a rabbit. They love to play with toys. Rehoming fee of $45-60."

"I have 2 lionhead bucks available. They are both double mane and purebred. They are very sweet and would make great herd bucks. Their sire is a Best OF Breed winning show rabbit!! They both come with their full pedigrees."

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