Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hopping on the Olympic train

It dawned on me that we may have been watching the Olympic games a bit too much. They are seeping into our daily conversations and we fall asleep watching them at night.

Last night we woke up out of a deep sleep last night when the dogs began barking. While we tossed and turned trying to get comfortable Rod mumbled, "I was dreaming I was competing at the Olympics."

Being an encouraging sort of wife, as well as 3/4 asleep already, I urged him to fall back to sleep and just pick up where he left off his dream.

To which Rod groggily responded, "Yeah. I just have to get back up on the trampoline..."


Rod chose competitive trampoline jumping for his dream skills?

It's a dream! You could go for the gold in swimming or hurdles or wrestling or even beach volleyball, for goodness sake!

Really? Trampoline jumping?

Okay then. Good luck with that.

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