Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My pound of flesh

To help reduce my calorie intake and my general fluffiness, I am avoiding certain carbs, like breads and pasta and the like.

I am eating old fashioned oatmeal or dry cereal for breakfast, and lots of low fat protein, fruits and veggies. I chew on my fingernails or a good book when I get too hungry between meals.

So, last night, I made fish for dinner (in a yummy ginger-garlic marinade, I might add) a salad and for Rod there were a couple giant,whole-wheat rolls.

I first heard the rolls calling my name softly while I was whisking the sauce. I ignored them.
They began to call loudly, until they were competing with the growling in my empty, empty belly.

Before I could slice off my hand with my Ginsu, I had a partial roll in my mouth and down my throat.
Oh, the bliss! The joy! The carbs were dancing their way into my digestive system and everything was celebrating with the bread.

Guilt set in almost instantaneously.

After dinner, I set out to rectify my great wrong by wogging a few miles. Actually, I had to walk fast, as my dinner hadn't completely digested and and my knees kinda hurt,too.

Then this morning, still wrestling with the guilt of having eaten bread, I got up and wogged a few more miles, determined to put my carb eating episode behind me.

I came home. I walked over and hopped on the scale.

I had gained a pound.

Oh, bread I curse you.
Rolls, you are the devil.

(** note, please do not take anything I write here seriously. Bread is good, especially 100% whole wheat. But yes, I did gain a stinkin' pound.)

If you need me, I'll be standing on the scale until that pound comes off.
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