Monday, October 27, 2008

Do Not Respond to Emails While Under the Influence

I'm sure you all totally agree with that title and would never in a million years do something like that, right? Especially to a COMPLETE and TOTAL STRANGER, right?
Yeah, me neither.
But, for argument's sake, say you got one of those nasty migraines that lasts all night Thursday night. Then, as you are still suffering the effects, ANOTHER migraine starts creeping in. What do you do? If you're me, you grab the phone while you still can and dial Dr, Grise who rushes you (or is it me...?) in and gives me (us?) a big ol' shot of Demerol.
Within a half an hour I am floating, and pointing out to Rod, that it didn't even hurt when I fell down on in front of the house and look how SOFT the pillow is and HOW HAPPY I AM THAT THE MIGRAINE IS GONE and I SURE LOVE THAT DR.GRISE,DON'T YOU? I may have yelled all of that. A happy yell.
Rod had to keep sending me back to bed because I wanted to stay awake and enjoy the effects of this magical drug.
I'm sorry if I offend, I'm just saying. No Pain. Magical. Happy.
After I had slept for about 234 hours, I woke up and decided I'd read email.
A happy surprise awaited me in the form of an email from a gal who lives in a distant state whose husband studies long distance with our own Western Seminary. Well, apparently, this delightful gal and her husband are praying and seeking God's wisdom on the possibility of them perhaps putting down roots here in our beautiful state.
Well, Wahoo!

When I began to type back I figured out I couldn't string words together real good, and my spelling was bad. Worse than normal.
So I decided I should just send her a quick note to tell her that I would really respond to her later...when I could make sense. Because I'm all about making sense.

Then I thought I should get my sister-in-law Brenda involved because I always ask her for help when my brain won't work. Which is pretty much M-F. (She needs weekends off, apparently)
So, here is the actual note I sent to this poor pastor's wife who just had a few questions about Oregon:

Oh, boy I really want to respond because email made you sound exactly like the sort of person I personally would want to live here in Oregon with me. Then I thought, oh no, I am still way under the effects of a huge ol' shot of Demerol of Doc Grise gave me yesterday, I shouldn't be reading emails, let alone responding...I'll send it to my sis in law. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I sent it, then remembered she is on lots of vicidin from getting rear ended while she was in her mini-cooper Friday night, she will be no help.
If you read this, you would never want to move here at all. You would pick someplace like Iceland maybe. I should probably just stop typing and go back to bed because I have to keep typing words over and over again. Lots of misspellings.
You know, I will just respond when I can think clearly, so just disregard and delete this whole email for now.
thank you,

Wow. Don't you think they are going to pack right up to move here? Yeah, me too.
They should make me an ambassador somewhere.

Well, I'm gonna go get some tequila now so I can catch up on some blogs. Apparently, that is how I roll.
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