Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gracefully aging

Oh, it can be done, my friends.
I called Reader Brenda last week to wish her a Happy Birthday and to ask her how old I was.

I never remember any one's age including my own and she is the Gatekeeper of all Pertinent Family Information.

It's not right. Here is is. BRENDA'S birthday, and I'm noticing little tiny wrinkles radiating like broken concrete around my eyes.

It is almost like I'm self-centered or something.

Back to me now.

Shattered concrete is hardly an attractive look, especially on a face. Let's be honest here.
Especially on MY FACE. I'm sure it's fine for you.
"Age Defying" concealer just seems to settle like thick putty into the wrinkles making them look even dryer and deeper.
"InvisiLift Line Minimizing Tone Enhancing Under Eye Concealer" is as expensive as it's lengthy name suggests and has the unfortunate effect of making lines, wrinkles and creases under the eye appear larger and deeper than they first appeared. It's like magic.

Sparkly shadow on my upper lids in a vain (get it?) attempt to draw the attention away from the bags and wrinkles underneath just doesn't do it for me.In fact, it may just reflect the creases and wrinkles below the eye thereby making them reflect as though in a mirror. Not a good idea.

But I came up with a plan this morning as I was blow drying my hair. Killing two or three birds with one stone, so to speak. Hides my under eye wrinkles and solves my currant hair dilemma in one fell swoop.

And all of you are looking good from my perspective, too.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, again Brenda. You have alot to look forward to.

P.S. I'm beginning to go through the Beth Moore "Esther" study. I'm betting it's good timing and I'm so enjoying it. Whatcha think?

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