Friday, January 9, 2009

In which we look on the bright side

After hearing President Barack Obama give his speech about....oops, my bad.

After hearing Prez-elect Barack Obama tell us that the economy will probably get worse before it gets better, all I could think of was,

Oh no.

My hair.

More specifically.

My roots.

I have no doubt your thoughts were similar. Don't lie and tell me they weren't.

Because if our hair is good, everything is good.

You know it's true.

So, back to my roots.

When will I ever be able to afford to get my hair done again?
So,I'm thinking of starting a fad. Embracing this whole gray hair thing.

Looking for the silver lining, so to speak. Ahem.

Calling it "Recession Roots" and just letting my head look like a rodent lives there under my naturally blond tresses.

This could catch on.

Like my new "Debt Diet."

It will be simple. Don't eat. Lose weight.

Remember those soup lines filled with sad, skinny people wearing black clothing back in the Depression?

Nope, me neither.

That is why we can joke about losing weight this way.

So, back to my roots again. Because, really, what else matters? As I mentioned before, our whole economy and the good of society in general rests on how good or bad our hair is. Well, I didn't exactly mention it, but it was suggested and is generally known. Right?

I took close-up pictures of my root issues, but none of them properly displayed the magnitude of the problem. Now I have a folder in my picture file entitled "hair roots."
Because I really want to have a picture for you I went on an internet search for "blonde hair with roots."

This is how I spent 20 irreplaceable minutes this morning until the phone rang and snapped me out of the weird place I was in. Thank you Verizon Phone customer service person. Thank you. (But, no. We are fine with our currant service.)

The best picture I could find was this one.

Yes it is Madonna.
Yes I am disturbed.
Apparently, she already tried to start a fad with showing roots that grow out.


Gotta go.

I'm calling my hairdresser. Right after I sell some of Rod's junk my stuff on Craigslist.

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