Friday, January 30, 2009

On Being Hated

Or even disliked. I don't think most of us have to deal with this too often because of our faith,at least in this country.
Maybe for being mean or obnoxious or using parentheses WAY TOO MUCH. (I am not talking from personal experience. I'm just saying.)
But Jesus said they will hate us because they hated Him first.
Maybe our faith is getting a little watered down.
A little gray.
A little too nice.
And the problem is we LIKE it that way.
We are comfy-cozy with it like this.
Lord, help me.

Here is a blog that my friend (I accidentally typed "fiend" first. Hmmm)Randy Alcorn wrote yesterday that so spoke to my heart. The title ,"Are You Willing to be Hated for Speaking the Gospel Truth?" made me childishly wonder ,"Why should they hate me if I am bringing Good News?" But only for a second. Go read Randy's blog and let God stretch you and mold your heart like He did mine. Thanks for a great article, Randy. :-)

Speaking of being willing to be hated, here is a video that Sue from Praise and Coffee posted on Face Book this morning and it was flagged for removal because some Face Book users said it was an "abusive" video. (Thanks, Sue!)
Huh? It's not like it was a PETA ad with barely dressed young women posing with vegetables or something.
I think it points out a valid truth in a beautiful way. What do you think?

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