Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Meals

This was the hope. I would buy this, "Loving Pets Stainless Litter Dish Puppy Bowl " with the thought that it would deter puppies from climbing in the dish during feeding times.
 Because, I'm gonna tell you, it is a MESS.
 Big time.
But reading the description, "Loving Pets Stainless Litter Dish Puppy Bowl is an excellent dish for puppies to share their meals or water in a whelping cage. These stainless steel bowls do not absorb food odors and are dishwasher safe. Perfect for all puppies. Lifetime guarantee." gave me hope.

 Although it doesn't actually claim mess free puppy feeding times, the design lends itself to a vison of puppies quietly lined up, side by side, "sharing" their meal in the shiny new dish.

Yesterday, when the UPS guy delivered the bowl, along with some puppy teething toys and puppy pads for the new kennel (which will go up later today) I was psyched and ready to give it a test run.

I envisioned the puppies gathered in a calm circle 'round the new dish calmly nibbling up their breakfast.
This is what I got:

Really, puppies?
This is my Vietnam, people.

Here is Lucy, showing how very much she cares.

Thank you, Lucy. Thank you very much.

Here is what the battle field looked like when they were finished.

Can you see all the bits of dogfood mush flung here and there and everywhere? I can. Oh yes I can.

And, finally, here are the food encrusted little darlings, telling me that they are not going to put up with staying in a child's wading pool that much longer.
 In fact, I think I can hear them whispering and muttering as they plan their Great Escape.

 I'd better go.
 Have a terrific day.

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