Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Puppies..Oh My!

I'm spending way too much time pondering on a title for this post when we all KNOW it just going to be about Lila and/or Chopper and the puppies. In words and/or pictures it will describe the various feeding techniques, sleeping habits, and various bodily functions of the puppies. (They are puppies, so everything is still cute, okay?)
You will see them in their natural habitat, the Swimming Pool in My Bedroom.
You will almost hear them as their cries for food start with a series of low grunts, building to a reverberating crescendo before trailing off again.
And if you can't smell them, well thank the Good Lord who has delivered you yet again from trials and tribulations you could not bear.
But it will almost be like you are here with them, crouching carefully; hidden behind the Laundry Basket and watching the pups frolic about in their Swimming Pool.(Yes, Ang, I said "frolic." It works here, okay?)
Enjoy your Puppy Safari.

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