Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We thought she was just fat...

But no. It appears that Lila is, in fact, pregnant. Again.
This is an unplanned pregnancy, but I've had those before and I'm not judging here. I'm just saying that the timing could have been better. And apparently all Chopper has to do is look at her and she is "with puppies."
This will be her second and last litter as pregnancy is hard on our sweet Lila. All she wants to do is run and play and hunt things in the woods and rest on out bed afterwards, none of which are possible right now. Poor girl.
So this picture is of Lila trying to rest in our bedroom in her swimming pool. Honestly, her breathing is so labored right now it is like trying to sleep with Darth Vader breathing across the room. Not so good.
Puppies are due next week around Wednesday. Praying that everything goes smoothly for all of them.
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