Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Flambe and other Thanksgiving Miracles

Oh, it was fun. And funny. The grilled turkey (the expensive, free-range, organic, treated humanely and raised on a sustainable farm) caught on fire. Instead of helping Rod swat out the flames which were whipping wildly in the brisk East winds, I grabbed the camera to memorialize the moment.
BUT, the turkey was STILL tasty, just had a bit of a woodsy, smokey flavor which the guys appreciated.
The second turkey was massaged with sage butter, topped with bacon (no, I'm not kidding) and basted every 30 minutes with a maple syrup glaze.
Here is the magic as it happened.

Almost everyone loved the curried butternut squash soup, too. You had to like both curry and squash to enjoy it, but we had a few of those people there.
Having everyone here was a blast. It didn't feel as crowded as I thought it would so that was nice. Plus, did you happen to see the Packers/Lions game yesterday? WooHoo Packers! 10-1 this year, not that I'm really keeping count, or anything.
We really missed Josiah being here so much though. He would've had so much fun with his family here.
Random Thanksgiving photos:

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