Monday, November 12, 2007

Eating, sleeping and pooping.

Pretty much in that order, too. Lila is still not up to par due to her c-section surgery, but she is coming back, while still being a patient, gentle and efficient Mom. I could have taken some lessons from her, I'm telling you.
Puppies are being supplemented by bottle feeding (no, I won't get too attached, don't you worry about me...)
Oh, after our grand announcement of "Six puppies;4 boys, 2 girls" it has come to our attention that we have THREE boys and THREE girls.We'll be re-checking periodically and letting you know if we change our opinions concerning their gender. We'll also be taking donations for our Puppy Anatomy 101 classes in December.
Individual puppy pictures are not quite possible yet as they are squirmy little buggers who refuse to pose for the photographer. (me) Check back often and I'll post pictures of the boys and girls as soon as they cooperate. It will be worth the wait, I'm sure.

Here is Chopper pondering the meaning of life.

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