Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pilgrims and Indians

Okay, they are really puppies, but I have this insane desire to dress them up like miniature pilgrims and Indians and set them around the Thanksgiving feast. Please, somebody stop me before I actually do it.
And then at Christmas, we could dress Lila and Chopper up as Santa and Mrs. Claus and the puppies as the tiny little and furry, elves. Seriously, what could be more fun?
A Nativity scene, perhaps? I can see it now and it fills my mind with visions of sugared plums, it really does.
I think someone needs to literally stop me before I can do any serious holiday damage.
BTW, we have changed two of the girl puppies names. The little pumpkin with the "R" on her chest is Rachel Ray and the Fatty Lumkin with the "T" on her chest is Tyra. She is fierce and has a signature walk. (Again, don't judge me.)
Here are recent pictures filled with puppy cuteness.

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