Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do you see what I see?

If you look at my pictures here, you will. We are in the middle of what our local media is calling "The Arctic Blast of 2008."

I call it "Winter".

It gets cold up here in the mountains, so we are keeping our wood stove stocked which means lots of chopping wood (for Rod) and lots of hauling wood (for me.)

The pipes in the barn froze, probably around the same time the temperature dipped to 7, so we have been hauling warm water out to the horses. That's lots of fun. Really. Lots of fun. Here is our new mare Duchess, who looks like a fuzzy bunny right now. A bunny with four hooves and a penchant for whinnying. Cute, right?

Here is Pa Ingalls getting ready for a walk with me and the dogs this morning. Notice the jeans and flannel shirt. This is the SAME THING he wore last spring when we began wogging together. What is up with this?

P.S. Yes, he does have a ski coat, pants and boots.

Here is Ma Ingalls. The New and Improved model. She can haul water and wood while wearing her Columbia Omni-Tech 3-in-1 parka and ski pants as well as her Columbia Titanium snow boots.

HA! I laugh at the snow and cold.

And at Pa Ingalls who thinks he'll stay warm in his Wrangler jeans. Cotton flannel runs away and cries at the snow and cold we've been experiencing this week.


Can you say "hypothermia?"

I can.

I can also say "hot chocolate" which is sounding just about perfect right now.
Hope you are all enjoying all the moments of your Christmas season where ever you are.
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