Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Giant Pot 'O' Pancake Soup

I've got troubles. Big troubles.

I made a turkey Monday night with all most a couple of the trimmings. But the crowning touch on this bad boy was that I laid nice fat slices of bacon across the turkey and then basted the whole masterpiece with pure Vermont maple syrup (or SIR-UP, as Reader Brenda likes to enunciate) every 30 minutes while it roasted.
I know, right?
Yes, it smelled divine and tasted great, too. Salty-sugary heaven. Just call me Diana Deen. Or Butter-Girl. Or Zocor-Woman. Yeah, that.

Fast forward to today. Soup sounds good. Think I'll use the leftover turkey.

I chop up veggies, the leftover turkey meat and the juices from the turkey that I saved.Sprinkled seasonings. Made a huge pot of soup. This should last for days.

I let it simmer for a while before I tasted it.

As you probably figured out before I did, our soup kinda tastes like breakfast. It tastes like we were pretty liberal in our use of the MAPLE SYRUP from VERMONT.

It is making me gag. And tear up a little bit.

But Rod came home a minute ago and I guess I had hoped he wouldn't notice. Yes, that is what I hoped. I fed him raw meat in a tortilla once(it was an ACCIDENT!) and he didn't notice until I mentioned he had dog-breath. I've done lots of stuff that he didn't notice. I hoped this was one of those times.
Now I wish I would have had the camera ready when he tasted our Breakfast Maple Turkey Vegetable Soup. Breakfast in a bowl. With vegetables and turkey. And syrup. Yummy.

He noticed.

So, any ideas? Any help? I put in turkey gravy mix and sage and more salt.

I prayed. This was going to be dinner for TWO DAYS people.

P.S. If anyone wants to come over, no need to bring dinner items. Or dessert.
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