Monday, December 22, 2008

Lucy, you got some 'plainin' to do

Maybe you've noticed that I'm not Lucy (but I do Love Lucy), and I don't have 'splainin' to do, but 'plainin.'

As in "complaining."

Snow falling from the sky is pretty.

Snow that makes it difficult to live my life? Not so much.

We have around 3 feet. Of snow.

This amount of snowage buries your vehicles, knocks out your power, which then freezes your water pipes. The horses still need food and water, which now must be hauled from the creek. In buckets. Through snow drifts so deep I can't see my big dogs in them. This is getting to be hard work.

I can't make cookies, or wash anything, or make coffee. I know. COFFEE. (I'll leave the memorial service details at the end of the blog.)

And do you have any idea how many cords of wood I hefted into the house in the last few days?

Also, I may be hormonally challenged today. Good timing, don't ya think? Just sayin'.

I was supposed to get my hair done today but had to cancel that appointment and now my shaggy hair keeps hanging in my eyes and face and until I want to scream.

Bad hair does happen to good people.

I haven't been taking this trial in stride. Not even close. I'm sure I'm a doll to be around. Just ask Rod. Or pray for him. That would be appreciated.

I haven't been turning to the Father who loves me and replenishing my quickly dwindling supply of peace, joy, patience, grace or love.

I've been letting the snow win.

So I give up.

I give up our electricity. I give up my idea of my Christmas celebration and the worries of traveling to relatives homes. Big sigh of relief. These are not my worries after all. I'd just forgotten.

Back to the foot of the cross to lay it all down again, and in return replenish my dwindling supply of peace. Joy. Patience. Grace. Love. Jesus.

What a deal.
I am more than thankful.

Merry Christmas, all.

(added: Power is back on, pipes are fixed. I love LIGHTS!)

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