Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas recap

Got an email from my friend Rainy regarding the Meyer clan Christmas hoopla. I'd be more than happy to comply with her request and provide photos and insider information on the par-tay.

Rainy,you are so right when you say it seems like we always have a fun time together. I realise how blessed this makes us that we just enjoy being together.

Here is a picture of Janae and her new squeezy cheeked baby girl, Eliana. They are keeping their eye on all the yummers.

Adam and Becki Meyer and their two rascals, Isaac and Caleb. (Amy told me she wants Isaac for Christmas. Becki readily agreed. Hmmm.)

Here are a bunch of the guys chuckling over our newest member, Malachi Meyer. We loves our babies!

Three girlies that I adore to pieces. Kaitlyn, Ashley and LummaLoo Amy.

Winner of the best Christmas shoes! No doubt. They are bright red underneath. As cute as the feet that are in them! (Amy)

Hark! Angels appeared and we were blessed by Christmas carols they sweetly sang to us. And we didn't even have to watch sheep out in the cold!

Christmas chaos.

Hollie and Macie Meyer.

Rachel recently agreed to join our family by becoming engaged to our Andrew. Our family just keeps growing. Welcome, Rachel!

Look at all these young people. Celebrations are so much fun with all these guys.

Two Aunties with babies. Reader Brenda is the pretty one. I'm the smart, kind-hearted one.
Eliana and Malachi are the real babes, though.

This is just plain fun. And funny. Hollie "Mary" Meyer and her husband Luke "Joseph" Meyer reading us a paraphrased version of the Christmas story. Hollie can't see worth a hoot and so borrowed Eric "the Shepherd's" glasses. Which seemed to make things worse for poor, blind Mary. She stumbled through her reading. Luke didn't help as he thought reading in a Middle Eastern accent would heighten the entertainment value of the Christmas story. When his accent slid into Latino territory and then just stayed there, we all died laughing. It was hysterical, amigas. Seriously funny. (Cheila and Renick are supposed to be wisemen. Yes, Renick scares me,too.)

It was almost as funny as the following little scenario. Here's the back story: We all knew we wanted to do some sort of Christmas "program". But some family members voiced some concern about putting others on the spot, say, if we were to go around the room and ask everyone about the best present they ever gave, or something similar.
Not everyone likes to be the center of attention. In fact, they run away from it with as much panic as if a pack of rabid cocker spaniels were chasing them down.
So, rather than focus on family members, Tambry got the brilliant idea of focusing all our attention on the NON-family members present that evening. Our guests.
Here is where she brought them all up to be questioned, poked and prodded. Have you ever seen a more relaxed looking group? NOT!
I'm sure our guests were grasping the true meaning of the Spanish Inquisition Christmas spirit and can't wait to return next year when we will probably have a pirate theme and make them all walk the plank. Which a few of them would look forward to more than being grilled by the Meyer clan.

Matt and Janae Meyer Wolf and sweet baby Eliana who is showing that she is indeed Number One.

Cousins Macie and Caleb playing with new toys. Okay, Macie is probably trying to grab it away from Caleb, but it is a still photo and we can pretend they are playing nice.

All in all, it was a fun celebration. Being a part of this family is getting better all the time. As we looked around and saw all the young people, young married families, and oh my goodness, all the roundy-eyed babies, we are grateful and excited to be here. Right where God put us.
Thank you, Lord.

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