Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday morning puppy fun

I don't know why it is so entertaining when puppies start to be able to see and hear and move around a little bit. They are just furry bits of fun right now. Happy Monday, puppy-stalkers!
Edited to add:
 Here are some of the crazy photos we tried to take of wiggling puppies yesterday. I'm not gonna lie; no one was being cooperative.

This is Tiger, who started out life as one of the smallest, and is now catching up to his big brithers! No chest markings. He was the first puppy trying to get around and has been a fighter from the beginning. Very sweet. Hard to imagine these pups will grow up to be 150 lbs+!

These are the girls, Ebony on the left and Roca on the right.
Okay, I had to put Lucy in because she is working so hard and enjoying our snow walks so much rigth now.
Really? Could I be a worse photograher? I think not. This is KingKong who is an adorable puppy...but you'd never know it from this. Dang it. No marks on his chest.
Well, hello there, Godzilla! He looks like he is trying to stop all the papparazzi with his paw sheilding his face. :-) He has small upside down V on his chest.

Goliath is just trying to get back in the puppy pen and EAT...AGAIN. This guy is voracious! Stripe on his chest. Haven't seen that before.

Hey, hey hey! This is T-bone, who is still the largest pup, but all the others are hot on his tail. (get it? His tail??) Oh, I slay myself sometimes!) T-Bone has a T-bone shaped white mark. Cool!

And last but not least is Samson. Big husky boy with a round white spot on his chest. Adorable!
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