Friday, November 4, 2011

They're Here!

But Lucy is not here.
She deserves all caps in that sentiment.
Lucy the Lion is undergoing a c-section as we speak. Her last puppy (# 13) was not able to be delivered naturally, and Lucy was exhausted from all the laboring.
12 pups.
8 males.
4 females.
36 hours of labor.
I just want to hug her like she hugs her puppies.
When she wasn't feeling well enough to nurse last night (you know, because of all the contractions) she would lay on her stomach with her paws in front of her and gather puppies to her. Then she would rest her tired bullmastiff head on them.
But now to pictures. Because
1) you really all want to see all the fresh, newborn cuteness, and
2) I am too tired to write and there is no telling what things I will say when I am under the influence of sleep deprivation. Because I have not slept yet, either.
Here you go:

for those of you who are buying puppies, please email me at and we can figure out the the wheres/whens/hows. We already know the whys. ;-)
Now it is time to feed some crying puppies, then a nap, then off to pick up the Mama-dog.
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