Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wonder Bread

If you are around the same age as I am, you probably remember Wonder Bread. It came in a white package with bright red,yellow and blue balloons on it and claimed to "help you grow in 7 ways!"
Like that was a good thing?
They are a'changin'.

We would have cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast.
Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches and Kool-Aid for lunch.
Then there was always a plate with soft white Wonder Bread on the table next to the pot roast and  overcooked  carrots and potatoes. We would butter it up with margarine and snarf it down.

 I still have fond memories of Wonder Bread. (But I also have fond memories of my Dad's cigarette smoke. Go figure)

Now-a-days (gosh, I sound like Grampa Smucker) we eat healthier, especially where bread is concerned. Besides the occasional loaf of homemade French bread with REAL butter, we mostly eat whole grain breads, and usually only once per day. Carbs'll kill ya, I tell ya. Too many of them, anyway.
Remembering the Wonder Bread last night made me think of how Jesus referred to himself as the bread of life. (Yep, I'm going there. I'm totally comparing Jesus to Wonder Bread.)

"Jesus replied, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again." John 6:35

It made me wonder why he would call himself that, and I'm sure there are any number of reasons.
 But it made me think of how we chowed down on that Wonder Bread three times each day.
Maybe that's one reason Jesus called himself the bread of life; he is calling us to feed on, or fill up on him everyday. Not just once a day, but maybe three or more times each day.

If I don't spend time actively pursuing him everyday,by reading, praying and listening to messages online, my spiritual perspective diminishes. My thoughts turn to other things. I need to keep him at the forefront everyday, all day, or I am astonished at how quickly my attitudes change. I become more impatient with people I love.I get more snappy and snarky. My attitude of gratitude erodes into an attitude of entitlement. And that attitude doesn't look good on me. Or you, either.

So, this Jesus equals Wonder Bread is a pretty darn simple thought. I know, I know. It's as fluffy as a loaf of Wonder Bread fresh from the bag.
But simple can be good.
After all, he DID call himself the bread of life, and we do need to fill up on him throughout the day. And I bet you my bag of cat eyes and puries (marbles, for you babies)that he helps me grow in more than seven ways.
BAM! Take that, Wonder Bread!
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