Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Steady as she goes

*** Keep scrolling down for more information on Luca and Lucy's puppies***

Today I set up Lucy's water bed in our room. Just so you know, it is not an actual water bed, but a kid's plastic wading pool borrowed from some friends. No, Lucy's puppies are not going to experience the zen-like qualities of a full service water birth and day spa.
 But I will play some calming music and use my inside voice.
Here is her bed. It is more comfortable than it looks. I know this for a fact. I checked it out.
After I set it up and made sure I have plenty or towels and other things needed for this blessed occasion at the ready, I made Lucy get it in to try it on for size. I had to bribe her with a biscuit, but she climbed on over the wall and settled in.
Then her breathing became panting, and her panting was interspersed with soft whines. As she lay there, I noticed she was trembling from nose to tail. And panting. Hard.
I had seen this before and was pretty sure I was seeing  the first stage of labor. Which, according to my records and math skills, should not be until next Wednesday.
 At the earliest.
I made a call to her vet, looked for my purse, looked for my keys (WHERE IS MY PURSE!! I CAN'T FIND MY KEYS!!) then heaved and hefted my ginormously pregnant and heavily panting Lucy into the Trailblazer.
Long story short, she may be heading into premature labor. This is not good, as puppies cannot survive this early. I need to keep an eye on her and keep her calm and quiet. I have a feeling I'm going to find out where my sleep deprivation wall is.

The good signs are that she is still hungry and thirsty, her temperature has not dropped, the puppies are still alive and growing.
She is having some bites of rib eye steak as we speak and resting comfortably. I think she was too tired to get on the couch, so I took her picture while she was on the floor. How odd for her. ;-)
Anyway, we'll have our hands full for the next week as we try to keep her calm, rested and quiet. So far, so good.
She really needs to  hold out until Wednesday November 9th.
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