Monday, November 28, 2011

Puppy Picking Weekend!

It was great to meet most of the puppy people this weekend and introduce them to their newest family members. Although they won't actually be picking up their bullmastiff puppy until the end of December, they got to meet them, name them and fall in love with them.
A success.
Here are a few updates.
King Kong is now named Brutus and will be going to Florida where he will lounge lakeside in the wonderful environment. He may be a show dog as well as a beloved family dog. (No I am not shipping. His family is coming from FL to fly him back with them. Nice!)

T-Bone's new name is Hagrid (from the Harry Potter series!) and he'll be staying fairly close by, in the Canby area. He is going home to a family with four kids, so he is going to have plenty of love and fun.

Sampson's name is now Maximus Decimus Meridius!! They will call him Max (which I am so partial to.) He is going to be trained to be a certified companion dog and will be visiting vet's at the vet's hospital in Southern Oregon. This really blesses our hearts.

Godzilla has been named Lockjaw and I am so happy to see him go to his new family in the Oakland, CA area. His new Dad is a chef and is looking forward to feeding Little Lockjaw until he is ginormous Lockjaw. Shouldn't take too long. These owners have been waiting for a bullmastiff since 1993 so I am beyond excited to see their bullmastiff dreams come true.

Roca is now called Samantha, and her owners have sent her very own special collar for her. (I have had to remove it for now as I keep finding it wrapped around her shoulders). She will be traveling down to the San Jose, CA area where she will join her new brothers, a bullmastiff and a Great Dane, as well as her mama and daddy. Samantha may also have a show career. but we'll have to wait and see.

Here is Hagrid with his new family. Everyone posed perfectly. Unbelievable. We would never be able to recreate this!
Uhhhh, Dave? You left a little something at our house. (No, not just Max!) We'll hold onto it until you come pick up your puppy.

So, we loved meeting each of you, and look forward to meeting a few more of you. I am feeling very much as if I'm now a foster mama; caring for and loving your puppy until he/she  can come and make a home with their real family. Call, skype or email anytime. I'll do my best to be available with puppy pictures and updates.

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