Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas, past and PRESENT

I remember when the kids were little and Christmas would make them literally tremble with anticipation of Christmas morning. They would wake us up before the sun even considered making it's daily appearance, shouting "Merry Christmas!!" so everyone in our neighboring states could hear.
Shopping for presents for them, and staying in a budget was always a challenge, but both Josiah and Amy were both always extraordinarily grateful for everything they got. And Rod and I used Christmas as a way to stock up on socks, underwear and pajamas for the kids. We just wrapped them up and put bows on them and the kids would "ooh" and "ahh" over them every time.
The last few years, the tables have turned a bit, and the kids, now adults, seem to take great joy in buying Rod and me presents. But I don't just "ohh" and "ahhh" over these gifts.
I cry.
I gush.
I bawl. (One year when Josiah was deployed I accidentally hung up on him as we were opening presents because I began crying as I read the what he'd had inscribed on the back of the iPod he sent me)
The kids grew up and get us things that are thoughtful and very meaningful. Last year Amy got Rod his bible to read through in a year, in the translation that she knew he wanted. (He is accomplishing that, by the way)
But it is a weird thing we parents go through when our kids grow up and start buying us stuff. Hey, we're supposed to help them out, buy them stuff, not the other way around. So we are a little uncomfortable when they get us gifts. Especially big gifts. Like this one that Josiah got us for Christmas this year.

Yeah, I know.
It's a 42 inch, HDTV. It barely fits in the room and we had to get rid of the entertainment center to fit it in there.
But I have to say, Dr. Phil even looks good on it.
We've all been enjoying it.
Here is Rod, trying to get comfortable with the fact that Siah spent too much $$$ on us for Christmas, when he should be saving for bills, a house blah blah blah. Football helps Rod get comfortable.

And, of course, the bullies enjoy the new TV. Here is Chops getting to know Martha Stewart's dogs. Chopper LOVES watching other dogs on television. Even cartoon dogs, I kid you not. He loves Scooby Doo.

So, our kids have surpassed us in generosity and thoughtfulness. It is still a weird feeling, but I'll go watch Dr Phil and try to get over it. (Thanks Josiah...Love you lots and miss you so much. Come home safe.Mama)
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