Thursday, December 13, 2007

Throw back Thursday

Yes, as promised and eagerly anticipated by tens of readers, it is Throwback Thursday. You will see hardly ever seen pictures of Chopper and Lila when they were wee little tykes, a well as pictures of their parents. (Your puppies grandparents)
Without further ado, I present: Throwback Thursday.
The picture at the top is our very own American Chopper, at eight weeks old when we brought him home. What a handsome boy, eh?
Next we have his father, Porkchop, a big and hefty bullmastiff, as his name implies.
And to round out the family, we have a photo of Pricilla, Chopper's very own Mama. He bears a striking resemblance to her, I think.

Below is the little princess. Honestly, have you ever seen such a dumpling? No, me neither.
Under that is Zena, Lila's mom with her litter of puppies. She was a terrific mom. Then there is the picture of our sweetheart coming home in the car. Oh, Amy is holding her. (Just kidding Amy! You're our REAL sweetheart!)
I am still looking for pictures of Thor, Lila's Dad. I'll post them later if I find them.

Here is the picture of Thor I finally found. It is just a head shot, but still cute. (Do all these bullmastiffs have their own portfolios with headshots and commercial as well as editorial photos?)
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