Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ohhh, Tidings of Puppies and Joy...

Go ahead and sing along. I know you want to.
Well we have surpassed all known realms of puppy cuteness. Some potential puppy buyers/blog readers came for a puppy visit on Sunday. They have some mad photography skillz, let me tell you. Actually, their pictures can tell you.

The two pictures above are Dresden (AKA Grizzly), the top one with his new mama, Tiffany. Does she not look like she is in love? Yes, she certainly is, and it is something to behold.
Below you can view Adam, kissing poor Kodiak good-bye. He was the puppy NOT CHOSEN.
It was kinda like watching the Final Rose Ceremony on the Bachelor. (Not that I've ever seen it. Really)
But there is Adam kissing the poor puppy goodbye and assuring him that it was nothing that Kodiak had done, it was Adam's(or Tiffany's) fault, and he had to go with his heart, and Kodiak would find the right person someday....
But Kodiak took like a brave little puppy and Dresden has only rubbed his nose in about a dozen times so far.

There is lots more to say about Adam and Tiffany, but I have a feeling that we'll be seeing quite a bit of them and have many chances to post mean and/or funny factoids about them and the newest member of their family.(Like the fact that they went against EVERYTHING THEY KNEW TO BE INTELLIGENT AND RIGHT AND BOUGHT A PUPPY THE SECOND THEY WALKED IN OUR DOOR) But we'll let that go for now....
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