Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're in for a Treat Now!

That's right, my dear puppy blog readers. Because today we have TWO BLOG POSTS! Hold on to your hats and get your box of Kleenex at the stand by. (No, the puppies didn't piddle again)

But you are going to be as choked up as me and Amy were when we opened the following email from Courtney and Jay, Kaz's people.

Now, Kaz, if you don't know, is Mercedes from Lila and Chopper's first litter, but she is ALL GROW'D UP! AND WE LOVE HER STILL!!

Okay, so maybe you won't get all sniffley, but maybe you might be mildly interested to see what this litter of puppies will grow up like, and how very much their owners LOVE them.

Here, then, is Courtney's letter:

"Dear Diane and Rod,

I’m so glad to hear that Lila and Chopper had another litter of pups. I’m sure it’s been a lot of work for you guys. They look just as adorable as the first round and I’ve passed on the word that you still have a few available.

We’ve been wanting to send you guys a thank-you note; I’m sorry it has taken so long. Thank you SO much for helping us pick out the best dog ever.

Kaz has turned out to be the perfect dog! She has been such a fun and easy going puppy. No chewing, easy to potty train, no barking, no aggressive behavior, and tons of personality. She loves going for walks, playing at the dog park, and napping on the cool grass outside. Her favorite food is potato chips and she still tries to sleep in bed with us every night.

The owners of my snowboard shop got nervous when they realized how big she was actually getting, so she no longer gets to greet everyone at the store. But she was able to come to work with me for the first two months we had her and all our customers loved her. I think it really helped her with human socialization, because she is a huge sweetheart to every person she meets. She’s a sucker for belly rubs.

Right now, she weighs about 90 pounds and is healthy and strong. She looks like the perfect mix between Lila and Chopper. Chopper’s face with Lila’s color. She’s beautiful and we absolutely adore her.
Good luck with the new puppies and let us know if we can help you out with anything. Maybe we can have a family reunion one of these days. Until then, take care and Happy Holidays.

Courtney, Jay, and Kaz
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