Monday, December 10, 2007

Some of you will mock...

But keep in mind that no animals were harmed or injured in anyway in the making of this post. At least not physically. Josiah says that Chopper lost his manhood.
I beg to differ. I say it takes a big man, er a big DOG to wear funny hats and still stand firm in their masculinity.
Chopper is one such dog.
As for Lila, well, she will do anything for some pepperoni. Or a muffin. Or some cheese. The list goes on.
So do not weep for my dogs. They simply have an overabundance of Christmas spirit. Yes they do. And I do. And Rod does. You can tell from the pictures.
(Notice that we do not make the dogs do anything that we would not do ourselves.)
P.S. Please remember that all puppy deposits are NONREFUNDABLE no matter what a freaky wacko I am. I will try to keep my crazy toned down for the holidays.
Thank you. And Merry Christmas.

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