Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Wonderful Scents of Christmas.

It is just ludicrous how cute these puppies are. I swear, I am about to implode from the fuzzy perfection. Oh, and from the odor of the puppy poo that wafts from the other end of the house each morning. That is not so adorable. And the puppy poo odor mingles with the Christmas smells around our house, like sugar cookies, grand fir, peppermint and chai.
I actually bought a Glade Plug-In for the Puppy Suite, hoping that the Linen Breeze scent will fight and eventually win dominance over puppy poo.
Are you tired or reading about and/or imagining puppy poo? Me too.
Here are pictures of Puppy Joy that should wipe it all away. (No pun intended.)

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