Monday, December 17, 2007

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

If you are singing along to that one, you and me can't be friends. Ever. I hate that song.
However....buckle in and get ready the crank up the cuteness meter, cuz here we go.
Christmas, kids and bullie puppies. Can anything possibly beat it? No. (I LOVE answering my own questions, don't I? Yes, apparently I do. I'm quirky and self absorbed like that)

Above we have my niece Chantry holding Dresden, Ginormous Puppy of the North. She has offered to take him off your hands, Adam and Tiffany, if you are unable to take him home next week. She was very adamant about letting you know. Just thought you should be aware.

Above is Rennick (please, Brenda, tell me if I misspelled her name). She is bonding here with Tyra, our biggest female with the most perfect face. In fact, she is probably the "Best Bull." (Just kidding, Brenda and everyone else who will argue endlessly about WHO is actually the Best Bull. It is obvious that CHOPPER is. This my MY BLOG and I get to pick. So there.

Did you ever see such a beautiful family portrait? No, me neither. (there I go again.) Brenda and the girls with Mistletoe,(aka Missile) their wonderful Christmas present for each other. May you have many, many happy Christmases together.

And below, are two pictures of Tyra, for the gentleman in Vernonia who just called and expressed interest in maybe coming to meet her. Here ya go, and we hope that your lives are back to normal soon after your flooding ordeals.

And the BEST BULL:

***Josiah Update*** (Sorry Ashley for the misinformation!!!)
The replacements will be arriving at Sharona and will be trained for a while, but it makes the light at the end of the tunnel a little bit brighter. This morning Josiah called to tell us he is receiving a medal (or nomination we're not sure) today for his part in the fire that took place a few days ago. We're so proud of you, Josiah!! Come home soon. Love you, Mom and Dad. And puppies.
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