Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Running of the Bulls

That's right; they escaped. Four of the bullie puppies running pell-mell down the hallway and towards the kitchen and freedom. They didn't get very far and were put into lock down immediately. For their own safety, and so puppy poo will not need to be scraped up from the carpet.
Here are the pups in the penitentiary.

Here is Mama visiting her bad babies in the pen.

Now this is a little backwards, but I need to post some pictures that will show, beyond any doubt what bad puppies we have. Yes, I know that I am risking the deposits that people have given us by showing these pictures. I know that people who have made appointments to come and meet puppies will undoubtedly call and cancel. Or just be so disgusted that they just don't show up. (I have your phone #'s, btw)
But the truth needs to be told. So I present the following:
***********************Puppies First Meal*************************

Oh, the horror.
Let me bring us back to adorable puppy world and attempt to save the deposits.

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