Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And the thunder rolls

We went to the wedding of Chris and Elisa Lund this last Sunday and I can't think of the last time I laughed so hard.

Not at the wedding or the wedded couple. Not at all. Beautiful ceremony. Lovely, Godly couple. They will be putting the Lord first in their lives. It was a pleasure to be there and be a part of the community that will help hold them accountable to each other and God. Loved that.

No, the funny came during the reception. The outdoor reception. With the ominous dark clouds and the rolling thunder and flashes of lightning that you kept hoping were the photographers. No such luck.

We all had time for dinner out there, then the bride and groom came to cut the cake. We noticed then the first, big fat rain drops.

Suddenly, it was each man, woman and child for themselves.
We turned from a polite wedding party into one of those out of control crowds at a futbol match in Brasil.
We ran for cover. And it was a distance my friends, especially wearing wedding finery. I passed by a few ladies wearing heels. So sad.

The rain pounded down. I mean pounded. My mascara was on my cheeks and I was so happy I curled my hair that afternoon. (Brenda's worst fear was the "spray-on-wash-off" tanning product she decided to wear that evening. I have no words.)

My friends and I were laughing so hard we could hardly breathe. But that might have been because of the volume of water we were swallowing. Not sure.

I heard later that some dedicated people were able to save the cake so those stragglers that stayed at the wedding were able to get a bite.
This was taken after we arrived home, an half an hour later. I've already wiped my face clean here. Gosh, I'm just so glad I thought to wear my sunglasses that day but forgot my camera.
If my brother in law, Eric sends over any good shots, I'll post them for you.
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